The Descendants of James Adkins and Lucy Morgan®


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The Adkins Family Organization®

The descendants of

  James Adkins & Lucy Morgan

originally of Chesterfield County,


and later of Kirksville,

Adair County, Missouri,


The United States of America.

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Master Family Archives with dates going back to 1763.  Multiple sources of reference.

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Family Surnames:

Adkins | Alftenj | Ayers | Bowman | Black | Brassfield | Brown | Bruce | Bushnell | CainCallison | Cook | Crawford | Curtius | Dennis | Drew | French | Frost | Fukuyama | Goodman | Gorger | Gray | Hannah | Harris | Hill | Howard | Hughes | Joseph | Kirk | Labberton | Lanty | Lemmon | McClure | McConnell | McKinney | Morgan | Mulkey | Neff | Osborn | Owen | Pointer | Pryor | Rhea | Ratliff | Ruggles |  Runnels | Ryan | Smith | Snow | Spencer | Sperry | Waddill | White * 

*  Underlined surnames indicate marriages representing the eleven major lines of this family--two sons did not marry.

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